Saturday, July 7, 2007

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Thebuzzontheburgh at it again

Here's the latest rumor from buzzontheburgh

"Eklund first reported the Penguins being interested in Phoenix Coyotes defenseman Derrick Morris two days ago and the Morris to Pittsburgh rumors are gaining some momentum as of today. Last night a unidentified source in Phoenix said the Penguins and Yotes are close to finalizing a deal for Morris. This morning Fox Sports SW is reporting draft picks are involved and a deal could be close. Thanks to Eric for the update. No sources in Pittsburgh are confirming the Penguins interest in Derrick Morris so take this rumor for what its worth. It doesn't really add up but the Penguins are still in the market for a right handed defenseman."

Wow how can you site Eklund as a source? This is like bigfoot citing the lockness monster as a source.

No possible way you can tell the difference

At least pretend to use someone credible as a source, maybe a Bob Smizik or even better Ellis Cannon if he doesn't try to kill you first, right Joe Starkey?

Wanted dead or alive.

We'll be all over this rumor and when it doesn't come true you can bet we'll be here to make fun of it.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Hot new rumors

My sources close to me have confirmed that Will Smith with became the honorary 56th person to sign the declaration of independence today. The honor came about because George Washington's relatives loved the movie independence day and Fresh Prince of Bel Air so much they thought he deserved it.

Suck it huxtables.
This move came as a real shock to the people in National treasure who spent months trying to steal the declaration of independence.

What an actor

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

What this blog is all about

This blog is devoted to pointing out all the mistakes noted shit blog, buzzontheburgh has over the past few days and continuing into the future. This blog is absolute mud at it should be pointed out as so. To start off here are some of the rumors the buzzontheburgh reported.

"Scott Hannan is on the verge of signing with Pittsburgh. I have heard he'll take this deal."
I guess he had a change of heart.

And the absolute worst.

"Paul Kariya is very close to signing with the Penguins. I don't like to do this but it's very close to a done deal, unless Paul Kariya wakes up and changes his mind."


Buzzontheburgh also reported in 1939 that Hitler was Jewish.

Sig Heil bitches.

Anne Frank wasn't too happy with buzzontheburgh

"Buzzontheburgh sucks"

Buzzontheburgh is also reporting Christensen and Orpik will not be traded.

Buzzontheburgh also reported victory of Napoleon at Waterloo

Wow how many phonebooks did Napoleon have to get on to ride that horse?

Buzzontheburgh wasn't exactly on top of news in the WW II era either. Those guys reported that Japan was safe from a nuclear attack.

This kind of looks like Pittsburgh in the 1950s.

Don't get me wrong I do respect some sites like and many others with rumors but don't go out there and proclaim to have sources when you're just a bunch of jobbers who haven't gotten laid since 1985.

Fact, these two buzzontheburgh bloggers once jerked off 250 times in one day.